Connie's Cornucopia - Grateful Pastures

USDA Certified Organic

Grateful Pastures is a Certified Organic pasture raised poultry farm set out to raise meat in a humane, healthy, regenerative way. Our chickens and turkeys live in mobile shelters outside. They are moved daily to fresh pasture to ensure they have fresh grass and bugs to eat, away from their manure from the prior day. This system not only makes for a happy, healthy bird, but also provides the soil with a thin layer of fertilizer each day, regenerating the land. Our chicken and turkey taste like chicken and turkey, not whatever the grocery store is selling. Taste the difference!

Shaun & Sabrina started Grateful Pastures Farm in 2015 after realizing the hole in the market for humanely raised, nutrient-rich chicken. Over the years, we added a couple of farm hands (Jackson, 5 and Lilah, 2). We learned so much. However, we’re still small-farmers and intend to keep it that way. Our mission is to respectfully raise animals to provide top quality food for the community, while improving the ecological health of the small portion of earth over which we have influence.

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