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Mushroom Tinctures
Our Mushroom Tinctures are double extracted to include all beneficial mushroom qualities. Our mushrooms are grown organically with no added chemicals or pesticides. You can feel good about using our tinctures. They are pure, potent and healthy.

Check out our Tincture Mushrooms under the Mushroom Category.

Also In Stock now:
Squash Yellow & Patty Pan
Tomatoes all different sizes
Eggplant Dark & Light
Cucumbers &

Click and check it out.


Back In Stock

We will be picking up more Rock House products this Saturday. This means we will have in stock the following: Calyroad Chevre* cheese spread made from fresh goats’ milk*. We also will be picking up Cows Milk (that is Lightly pasteurized 145 degrees Fahrenheit and has not been homogenized*), this is the next best thing to raw milk. Also we will be picking up Beef patties (8 oz.) 2-pack which like all of our animal products are Pastured Raised (they went fast last time we had in stock).

We also will be picking up on Saturday: Blueberries, Squash Summer, Peppers Mojo, Jalapenos Peppers, and Okra. Get your orders in now so you make sure you get what you want, and you can pick up or we can deliver you your produce as soon as their picked. Our produce is on the plant until it is ready to eat (unlike others that are picked before it is ready and ripen somewhere else).

Please do your preserving now (canning or freezing), so when they are out of season you can continue to have the wonderful tasting produce.

Get your Microgreens also* fresh* or dried so you can add them to any part of your meal. Add it like you do when you add your seasonings to your meal.

I will also be going to Ellijay Mushrooms next week so please if you want any fresh mushrooms. Please put your order in by Monday of next week.

Elderberry, Bee Pollen, Honey and Maple Syrup are things that are great for your body in many ways.


Okra, Squash, Blueberries

Stock up now so when it comes in on Saturday you will receive it fresh out of the garden. Do your canning and or freezing to prepare for winter.


Jen's Elderberry Syrup In Stock

Jen’s Elderberry Syrup is handcrafted with all organic ingredients including Dried Elderberries, Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon and Raw Wildflower Honey. The suggested serving size is 1 tablespoon for adults and 1 teaspoon for kiddos over the age of 1 Daily and every 3 to 4 hours when under the weather. Enjoy organic, elderberry support for your whole family.


New Lemon & Chive Butter Seasonal

Delicious fresh chives, lemon zest, and cold pressed lemon oil are mixed into our cultured, small-batch churned butter, creating an exceptional flavor and texture that’s perfect for summer.

Because we use the freshest cream and we culture and batch churn in a process that takes up to 20 times longer than mass-production methods, our unsalted butter stands alone with superior flavor and creaminess.

You can freeze your butter for up to 12 months. Once you’ve put it in the refrigerator, you should eat it within 6 weeks. Not sure you can eat it all that quickly? Try putting half in the freezer, and the other half in the refrigerator.

We also have Butter in Log form in Sea Salt and Unsalted.


Buttermilk In Stock

We now have Buttermilk in stock From Banner Butter. It comes in 8 and 32 oz bottle.

Our buttermilk, or cultured butter whey, is the real deal. Many years ago, when industrial-scale companies took over butter-making, they didn’t “have time” to culture the cream before churning it into butter. So, they simply soured milk and called it buttermilk. But ours is the buttermilk you get when you churn real, true cultured butter. It’s butter’s milk!


Local Honey In Stock

Just got in all of our Local Honey. We have Wildflower and also a new Honey called Sourwood.
Sourwood honey has a beautiful amber color and bold, yet balanced, flavor:
Buttery sweet with rounded caramel notes on the back end.
Sourwood Honey won the “Best Honey in the World” award at the World Honey Show three different times. The victories were 2005 in Dublin, Ireland, 2009 in Montpellier, France, and the most recent in October in Kiev, Ukraine.

Connie Hoyt


Have you tried microgreens yet? These baby plants are tender, flavorful, and packed with nutrition. Despite their small size, they actually contain more nutrients and antioxidants by weight than their fully-grown counterparts.

Try them Today. In Stock.

Connie Hoyt

Garlic In Stock

Now in stock.

Chickens Whole In Stock

Pasture Raised Chicken
We raise our chicken a little different than most conventional producers. Fresh grass, insects, spring water, plus a non-GMO and soy free supplemental ration is what gives our birds a healthy advantage. Fresh air and sunlight plus plenty of room to be a chicken combined with daily moves to fresh, well rested pasture allow us to raise drug, chemical, and antibiotic free chicken.